Se asoma la marea

Dans un chili bouillonnant de revendications et de festivités trois femmes nous livrent un récit sur leurs sexualités et leur vision actuelle du monde sans tabous ni retenues.

Chile, May 2018, a crowd of women are revolting against a teacher who has sexually molested a student and received no punishment. He is simply transferred to another university. A crowd of women unite in voice and body to talk about their freedom, their sexuality and their fundamental right to decide the fate of their own bodies. We followed several of them, including three friends in particular, who offer us a no-holds-barred story.

Se asoma la marea (2019)

Se asoma la marea

Regard croisé (RC)

Réalisation : Clara Cambadelis

Scénario : Clara Cambadelis

Image : Clara Cambadelis

Son : Emeline Poyrault

Montage : Léole Poubelle

Montage son : Seda Sat

Mixage : Nathan Foucray

Étalonnage : Léo Duclos-Journet